Solutions Atlantic Revolutionizes the Shareholding Disclosure Game

Solutions Atlantic Revolutionizes the Shareholding Disclosure Game

Trade compliance is a growing concern with regulators, to that end, Solutions Atlantic has introduced Pre-trade Decision Assistance to enable its clients to test trades before committing to them.

Once again, Solutions Atlantic is paving the way in the shareholding disclosure automation space with its newly released Pre-trade Decision Assistance (PDA) capability. The company today announced the release of PDA as part of its flagship product, the Regulatory Reporting System.

Global shareholding disclosure obligations continue to present real challenges to financial institutions that find themselves with little resources to manage the growing number of reporting requirements. Most recently the Amended Transparency Directive out of the European Union has caused considerable amount of reporting angst among market participants that have to manage the regulatory requirement at both the EU level and the individual country level. Most financial institutions would like to proactively manage their disclosures but limited resources and internal processes haven’t allowed that until now.

Having been a leader in the automation of shareholding disclosures since 2001, Solutions Atlantic in partnership with one of its New York based hedge fund clients, developed Pre-trade Decision Assistance capability to get ahead of disclosure obligations. PDA analyses proposed trades to determine their Shareholding Disclosure consequences.

“First in the market, first to enable users to develop and introduce their own rules, and first to deliver pre-trade decision support – revolutionizing the industry – it’s what our customers expect from us,” said Mitchell Greess, CEO of Solutions Atlantic. “I’m really proud of our team and really excited for our customers who want to utilize this great technology.”

Pre-trade Decision Assistance will enable firms to proactively manage disclosure obligations and in the case of hedge funds – keep their investments out of the public eye. Read more