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Greece – HCMC MiFID II Compliance Role

On 7 June 2021, GRE HCMC announced compliance with ESMA guidelines. GRE HCMC announced it incorporated ESMA guidelines on certain aspects of MiFID II requirements regarding regulatory compliance function in its supervisory practice. The guidelines are available on its website in section Institutional Framework/Union Law/Recommendations-ESMA guidelines. Follows ESMA issued ESMA35-36-1952 translated into official languages.
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China – CBIRC Major Shareholder Behavior

On 17 June 2021, CHI CBIRC proposed measures for major shareholders. CHI CBIRC proposed trial measures to supervise the behavior of major shareholders of banking and insurance institutions, to improve corporate governance, prevent risks. Major shareholders are those that hold more than 15% of equity in specified banking and insurance institutions, hold the most shares,…
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U.K. – BAILLI Beneficial Ownership Shares

On 14 June 2021, UK BAILLI issued judgment in Pleshakov v Sky Stream. UK BAILLI issued Privy Council judgment in Pleshakov v Sky Stream [2021] UKPC 15. Case concerned with questions of trust law regarding beneficial ownership of shares. Appeal from decision of Court of Appeal which allowed an appeal against the decision of Bannister…
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