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Jersey – EXC QAHC and REIT Changes

On 26 November 2021, JER EXC updated on trading including legal changes. JER EXC board of directors issued update on recent trading and outlook for 2021. Board is reviewing options for the return of capital to shareholders during 2022. Draft finance bill 2022 has changes which may impact new, possibly existing, listings. Follows UK Treasury…
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Germany – BaFin Derivative Position Limits

On 25 November 2021, GE BaFin removed limits on commodity derivatives. GE BaFin said it has removed the majority of position limits on commodity derivatives. Follows EU February 2021, MiFID quick fix Dir 2021/338 on Covid recovery. Also follows GE GVT Jun. 2021 law implementing EU crowdfunding rules. Key points Decision follows changes to MiFID…
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India – SEBI T+1 Rolling Settlement Basis

On 25 November 2021, IND NSE issued settlement parameters and reports structure. Securities under T+1 settlement shall be cleared and settled with settlement type and number distinct from settlement type and number for securities with T+2 settlement. Settlement number for T+1 settlement shall be distinct from T+2 settlement; actual settlement calendar shall be available as…
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