Solutions Atlantic’s flagship product the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS), is a purpose built solution that automates the workflow process for global shareholding disclosure monitoring and reporting. In today’s fast paced regulatory environment and increasing enforcement actions, the risk of not reporting timely and accurately can cost an organization millions in fines and reputational damage.

RRS supports substantial shareholding disclosure reporting requirements in over 90 jurisdictions, the RRS Rules Library covers regulatory requirements for large position holdings, short selling, takeovers and foreign investments. The RRS Rules Library is maintained by Solutions Atlantic experts who are supported through the regulatory intelligence within Rulefinder, an aosphere LLP (an affiliate of Allen & Overy) offering as well as a global network of subject matter experts, legal consultants and compliance professionals. The RRS Rules Library continually expands as the needs of our customers and regulatory demands require.

Through a web based interface, users can use the RRS RulesBuilder to expand jurisdiction coverage and create ad hoc shareholding disclosure and position limit monitoring rules. The RRS RulesBuilder facilitates a rapid, efficient response to emerging markets and evolving industry substantial shareholding rules giving the organization complete control to adapt RRS as needed to continue to operate under the safeguard of compliance.

Fundamentally, RRS works by aggregating and monitoring holdings within all asset classes and automatically identifies shareholding disclosure requirements. As appropriate, it schedules and generates required regulatory filings. Compliance analysts can then research, modify, approve and submit the generated filings through RRS’s unique workflow interface. RRS provides several varieties of shareholding disclosure for each supported jurisdiction – a key feature if a financial institution trades a multiply listed security with multiple disclosure obligations in several jurisdictions.

The RRS software is offered on a component basis with a core software package including the RRS RulesBuilder and the RRS Rules Library offered separately thus allowing clients to configure RRS to their individual requirements. Jurisdiction modules include data testing and aggregation rules as well as standard document templates or interfaces required for each jurisdiction. All RRS software is installed within a client’s IT environment and uses internal client holdings, account and reference data.

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