Czechia – CB Qualifying Holding Acquisition

Czechia – CB Qualifying Holding Acquisition

On 12 May 2023, CZC CB consulted on draft methodology for assessment.

  • CZC CB opened a public consultation in relation to the draft methodology for assessing qualifying holdings of certain entities which are subject to CZC CB supervision.


  • Acquisition and increase of a qualified shareholding in certain entities subject to CZC CB supervision is subject to the obligation of the acquirer to request prior approval.
  • Or to notify to CZC CB this intent in advance, or make a CZC CB notification ex post.
  • Draft methodology offers market participants the insights on CZC CB's standard procedure for assessing qualifying holdings, in an explanatory, non-exhaustive way.
  • Draft included definitions of terms, voting rights, details on influence on management.
  • Quantitative and qualitative thresholds, notifications' deadlines, acquirer's evaluation.
  • Competence, credibility, suitability of the acquirer, financial health, AML compliance.
  • Persons with qualified participation in the applicant for a license or an operation permit are also typically assessed, therefore the methodology's conclusions may be relevant.

Prior Approval

  • Prior assessment of qualifying holdings and approval is required for specific entities.
  • Including banks, savings and credit unions, securities traders, investment companies.
  • Self-managed investment funds, chief administrators, central depositories of securities.
  • (Re-)insurers, pension companies, regulated market organizers, central counterpaties.

Prior Notification of Intent

  • Qualifying holdings assessment process in that case is different from prior approval.
  • CZC CB does not have to assess all the criteria of qualifying holdings listed in the methodology, or to make an assessment under a formal administrative procedure.
  • The draft methodology will therefore be relevant for those entities only to the extent that the assessment of qualifying holdings will be envisaged by legal regulations.
  • This will be the case regarding payment institutions and electronic money institutions.

Notification ex Post

  • For entities obliged to notify the acquisition ex post, the methodology will apply in those aspects that are relevant for other regulated persons in the lack of specific rules.
  • E.g. the methodology for determining whether qualifying holdings exists will apply.
  • This case concerns investment intermediaries, financial holding entities and mixed financial holding entities, settlement system operators with settlement irrevocability.
  • Payment system operators with settlement irrevocability, small-scale payment service providers, small-scale e-money issuers, dynamic currency exchange service providers.


  • Public input on the consultation can be submitted by email until 5 June 2023.