Solutions Atlantic Gives Compliance Confidence

Solutions Atlantic Gives Compliance Confidence

Provides Audit Services for Global Shareholding Disclosure Workflows

Seeing an ever-growing demand in regulatory changes within the global shareholding disclosure space, Solutions Atlantic today announced it will be providing audit services to help market participants identify gaps in their global shareholding disclosure process.

Since the first of the year, the industry has seen a wave of regulatory announcements ranging from the issuance of new disclosure forms, changes to voting rights, and the tightening of short selling regulations. Missing any one of these regulatory announcements could expose a firm to an enforcement action by regulators for non-compliance. Solutions Atlantic has been in the global shareholding reporting space for more than 15 years, and is recognized for its deep expertise. A number of buy-side firms have come to rely on Solutions Atlantic audits of their shareholding disclosure systems and processes.

“It’s evident by the number of calls coming in that compliance departments are having a real challenge ensuring that they are meeting their global shareholding disclosure obligations with the current systems and processes that they have in place,” said Mitchell Greess, CEO of Solutions Atlantic. “Regardless of whether you have a manual process or an automated solution, periodic reviews need to be done to give compliance a high level of confidence that they have not only applied the rules accurately but that they have not missed any updates to the rules along the way.”

Prior to this service, firms would turn to large consulting and professional services firms which in many circumstances require these firms to educate the consultant on the reporting requirement and or the system being used. With this service, that is no longer the case, firms can readily and affordably gain confidence in their systems and processes without the time-consuming learning curve or a huge budget. PDF Version