Luxembourg – New Portal for Major Shareholdings Disclosures

Luxembourg – New Portal for Major Shareholdings Disclosures

On 4 March 2022, LUX CSSF issued details of launch of new web platform for filing major shareholdings disclosure reports.

  • LUX CSSF issued a communication on the launch of eRIIS, a new web platform for all entities that are subject to the Transparency Law, as well as Market Abuse Regulation.
  • Follows LUX CSSF January 2021 noted possible ESEF application delay.
  • On same day LUX CSSF issued new circulars updating reporting rules.


  • The new web application replaces LUX CSSF filing process via email for the major shareholdings requirements applicable to both issuers of securities and the holders of securities.
  • It will also now serve as main communication channel between entities and LUX CSSF.
  • eRIIS will ensure state-of-the-art protection of data exchanges with LUX CSSF, and will allow to follow-up on regulatory filings, specifically via dashboards and status tracking.
  • eRIIS will allow better management of all of reporting entities' data while offering the possibility of delegating administrative tasks to third parties, by defining access rights.

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  • From 4 March 2022, firms will be able to fulfill their major shareholding reporting obligations through eRIIS.
  • Filings by email will be allowed until 30 May 2022 to allow time to complete all tasks.