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RRS Users Excited for New Release

Solutions Atlantic’s customers came together for its annual user conference to discuss reporting obligations under the awaited Amended Transparency Directive (TDA) and to get a glimpse of the much anticipated Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) user interface enhancements. Solutions Atlantic invited Claire Farley, Head of Regulatory Products for aosphere LLP to speak to the many changes…
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RRS Expands Jurisdictions for Shareholding Disclosure

In keeping with the growing needs of its customers, Solutions Atlantic announced today that it has expanded the jurisdictions in its shareholding disclosure solution, the Regulatory Reporting System (‘RRS’), to include Ecuador, Lebanon and Panama. The addition of these countries to the RRS Rules Library comes on the heels of the jurisdiction expansion announced by…
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Solutions Atlantic Secures Client Through RFP

Once again, at the forefront of shareholding disclosure automation, Solutions Atlantic announced today that it has been selected as the vendor of choice for a large investment management firm in Boston. After a lengthy RFP process, which included many of Solutions Atlantic’s competitors, the client chose the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) for its shareholding disclosure…
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