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Taiwan – FSC Foreign Investment Insurance

On 6 November 2018, Taiwan FSC said draft measures completed pre-announcement procedures and no opinions were submitted, amendments will be released soon. Background On Aug. 14, Taiwan FSC amended foreign insurer investments. Raised quota limit for insurance industry investment in international board bonds. Relaxation of insurance foreign currency traditional policy reserve is not included. Open…
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U.S. – CFTC Dealer De Minimis Limit

On 5 November 2018, CFTC issued final rules amending swap dealer de minimis exception. Statements by Chair Giancarlo, Commissioners Quintenz, Behnam, Stump, Berkovitz. Fact sheet: adopting permanent $8bn de minimis exception to swap dealer definition. Whether or not swap involves a registered swap dealer as a counterparty, it must still comply with CFTC requirement on…
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U.K. – TO Brexit Takeover Changes

On 5 November 2018, UK TO Panel proposed Brexit amends to takeover code. Follows UK Treasury Jul. 2018 SIs amending retained EU provisions. Code Committee invites comments on the amendments proposed in PCP 2018/2. Legal Framework Section 2 of paper describes legislative framework within which the Code currently operates and changes which will be made…
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