China – CBIRC Major Shareholder Behavior

China – CBIRC Major Shareholder Behavior

On 17 June 2021, CHI CBIRC proposed measures for major shareholders.

  • CHI CBIRC proposed trial measures to supervise the behavior of major shareholders of banking and insurance institutions, to improve corporate governance, prevent risks.
  • Major shareholders are those that hold more than 15% of equity in specified banking and insurance institutions, hold the most shares, or have a controlling influence.


  • Contains 8 chapters and 58 articles regulating the behavior of major shareholders.
  • Explicitly prohibits major shareholders from improperly interfering in the operations of financial institutions, using equity to provide guarantees for non-related party debts.
  • Major shareholders should learn and understand regulations and policies; must use their own funds to purchase shares, ensure transparency of shareholding structure.
  • They shall not directly or indirectly cross-hold shares in banking/insurance institutions.
  • A major shareholder that pledges more than 50% of equity in the institution shall not exercise their voting rights at the shareholders' general meeting and board meetings.
  • Institutions shall regularly verify major shareholders' information, conduct annual evaluations of major shareholders and notify all shareholders of such information.


  • Consultation period ends on 17 July 2021.