Bahrain – CB Proposed Takeover Amendments

Bahrain – CB Proposed Takeover Amendments

On 28 September 2023, BHR CB proposed amendments to takeovers and mergers.

  • BHR CB consulted on amendments to takeovers, mergers and acquisitions module.
  • Amendments to section TMA-2.2 Independent Advice and Shareholder Approval of the Takeover, mergers and acquisitions module (Module TMA) under CBB rulebook - vol. 6.


  • Amendments to paras TMA-2.2.1, TMA-2.2.3; new TMA-2.3A on conflict of interest.
  • TMA-2.2.6 Advice to independent shareholders deleted, amendments to TMA-2.2.7 and TMA-2.2.11; TMA-2.2.12 and TMA-2.2.13 on conflicting views has been deleted.


  • Comments should be submitted on the proposed amendments by 19 October 2023.