Leading the way for shareholding disclosure automation for more than a decade, Solutions Atlantic today announced, that it has signed a multi-year deal with a large investment management firm with nearly $400B in AUM for its Regulatory Reporting System (RRS).

Shareholding disclosure obligations can present challenges for even the most informed and resourced compliance department. These challenges grow each time the firm invests in a new jurisdiction; for large institutions, monitoring the changing regulations, adapting manual processes and systems, and meeting regulatory deadlines can become overwhelming. At some point throwing additional resources at the problem just isn’t enough.

After conducting a thorough vendor analysis, the client chose RRS to effectively and reliably manage its shareholding disclosure obligations. The client cited Solutions Atlantic’s extensive expertise, market leadership and product stability as determining factors in their selection of RRS. “This is how we like to start the year off,” said Mitchell Greess, CEO of Solutions Atlantic. Read more