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Foreigners Stay Where We Can Watch You

While we have always lived in uncertain times, it can’t be truer than now. Markets are volatile, governments are exiting Unions, trade deals and climate accords. Trust between allies has been eroded and although the cold war ended in 1991, spies and hackers can both find jobs. This, coupled with the nearly $2T in money…
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Regulators Send Reminders About Short Selling

Earlier this month, the French regulator, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) issued a reminder to the market about bearish speculation provisions in its short selling regulations. Specific to their call-out was the dissemination of bearish speculation via the internet and social networks. We are reminded on a fairly regular basis how share prices and markets…
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Singapore Short Selling Changes

Solutions Atlantic has released an amended rule for Singapore short selling reporting requirements. Changes to short selling regime and disclosure obligations in Singapore will take effect in October 2018.
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