UK GVT Preparing for Brexit Guides

UK GVT Preparing for Brexit Guides

On 2 October 2019, UK GVT issued no-deal Brexit guidance for DCMS sectors.

  • Guides issued for digital, culture, media, sports sectors regarding preparing for Brexit.

Sector-Level Guides

  • 8 point checklist to understand preparations for a no deal Brexit, if work in gambling.
  • 10 point checklist regarding no-deal if provide digital, technology, computer services.
  • And a 10 point checklist for no-deal Brexit for businesses in media and broadcasting.
  • Other guides apply to organisations in arts; culture; civil society; sports; and tourism.

Coverage of Guides

  • Each guide mainly covers ensuring whether employees require a visa or work permit.
  • Checking what needs to be done to make sure travel is permitted, across EU borders.
  • And if any changes need to be made regarding access to personal data from EU/EEA.
  • In some cases appointment of representative in the EU is recommended in the guide.