U.S – SEC Short Selling Disclosure Reporting

U.S – SEC Short Selling Disclosure Reporting

On 16 March 2022, the SEC issued proposal in federal register, comments by 26 April 2022.


On 25 February 2022, the SEC proposed to enhance short selling disclosure reporting.


Proposed Rule 13f-2 and Proposed Form SHO

  • Rule 13f-2 designed to provide greater transparency via publication of short selling data.
  • By requiring manager to file report in structured data language, using two information tables on proposed Form SHO; managers would file proposed Form SHO in EDGAR.
  • Must publish within 14 calendar days after end of each calendar month for each equity security that manager and all accounts over which manager has investment discretion.
  • For each equity security in which manager meets reporting threshold, required to file proposed Form SHO via EDGAR within 14 calendar days after end of calendar month.
  • Public disclosure of certain short sal information at minimum will occur every month.
  • Consistent with Reg SHO, proposed Rule 13f-2 would apply to equity securities.
  • As such, short selling related data that would be published would provide additional context to market participants on equity securities subject to Reg SHO requirements.