Taiwan – FSC Issues Consultation on Strategic Industries

Taiwan – FSC Issues Consultation on Strategic Industries

On 7 October 2022, TAI FSC proposed relaxed rules for strategic industries.

  • TAI FSC proposed to relax investment rules under article 2 of regulations of investment ceilings and guidelines governing financial holding company's venture capital subsidiaries investing in non-financial enterprises not listed on TAI EXC or TAI TPEX.
  • Follows TAI FSC January 2022 permitted investment by insurance firms.


  • If a venture capital subsidiary is the only investor of an unlisted firm within the financial holding group, and total investment amount is not over NTD150mn, it will not be subject to the aggregate shareholding limit under these regulations.
  • Aims to encourage financial institutions to invest in the six core strategic industries.


  • Consultation open for 7 days until 14 October 2022.