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India – RBI Foreign Portfolio Investors Relaxation in Debt

On 7 July 2022, IND RBI relaxed investment by foreign portfolio investors in debt. Allowed FPIs to invest government securities and corporate bonds from 8 July  to 31 October 2022 without the cap of 30% on their total investments, until maturity or sale. Allowed FPIs to invest in commercial papers and non-convertible debentures with an…
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India – SEBI Foreign Portfolio Investors

On 19 December 2019, IND SEBI issued SEBI (FPI) (amendment) regulations, 2019. In regulation 2, substitutes regulation 2 of the foreign exchange management (transfer or issue of security by a person resident outside India) regulations, 2017. With rule 2 of the foreign exchange management (non-debt instruments) rules, 2019. In regulation 20, substitutes foreign exchange management…
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