Sweden – FI Fines for Late Short Selling Disclosure

Sweden – FI Fines for Late Short Selling Disclosure

On 1 September 2021, SWE FI imposed SEK 600k fee for late notice on positions.

  • SWE FI stated that Carmignac Gestion must pay special fee of SEK 600,000.
  • Relates to late notification that its net short positions in shares in three different issuers have on 27 occasions passed the relevant notification thresholds.
  • A matter on net short position in shares in Boliden AB dated 4 April 2018 written off.


  • Notification must be provided by 15:30 on following trading day if position reaches threshold of 0.2% of company's issued share capital and each step of 0.1% above.


  • Noted that the late notification was caused by a technical issue within the company systems and that company proactively notified the positions as soon as practicable.
  • Carmignac has taken all necessary measures to address the situation and prevent any similar occur in the future and none of the positions have passed the 0.5% threshold .
  • Transparency market has not been adversely affected by delayed notifications