Singapore – MAS Shareholding Disclosure FAQs

Singapore – MAS Shareholding Disclosure FAQs

On 2 August 2022, SIN MAS issued FAQs to disclose interest in listed security.

  • SIN MAS issued revised FAQs on disclosure of interests in listed securities, under SFA.
  • Securities And Futures Act SFA, Part VII (disclosure of interests), imposes obligations.


  • Applies to director or CEO of a listed corporation (except a foreign corporation with a secondary listing on the approved exchange), a trustee-manager of a listed business trust (BT), or responsible person for a listed real estate investment trust (REIT).
  • Also applies to substantial shareholding of a listed corporation, or of BT or a REIT.
  • Shareholder of unlisted trustee-manager of a listed BT or unlisted responsible person of a listed REIT, or trustee-manager of a listed BT or responsible person of listed REIT.


  • Covers disclosure obligations under Pt VII of the Securities and Futures Act, including who is required to comply; the disclosure obligations imposed on reporting persons.
  • Also notification process; multiple transactions; custodian, nominee, bare trustee.
  • Includes details of different notification forms depending on reporting person category.
  • In addition, electronic notification and contact details when encountering difficulties.