Poland – GVT List of Holding Companies

Poland – GVT List of Holding Companies

On 6 December 2022 POL GVT issued regulation on list of holding companies.

  • POL GVT issued ordinance on the list of holding companies and certain other entities.


  • The ord outlines requirements for upkeep of the list; a list should include: a LEI code-unique firm identifier, EKZ identification number from the register of foreign entities.
  • Also, KRS - number under which the entity is entered in the National Register Court.
  • The list is maintained as an electronic set of notifications of holding companies.
  • The scope of information in the list also includes type and name of the holding firm, legal form and name of the notifying entity and information and legal form and name.
  • Also, the name of the supervisory authority and the sector in which it exercises supervision - if the entity is supervised by the competent supervisory authorities.
  • In addition, the holding application must be submitted within 60 days from the date of establishment of the company and shall be updated within 30 days from application.


  • The ord enters into force on 7 December 2022 (the day following official publication).