Mexico – MEX GVT Foreign Investment Rules

Mexico – MEX GVT Foreign Investment Rules

On 3 June 2021, MEX GVT issued draft rules on procedures re investments.

  • MEX GVT Conamer issued draft agreement amending rules on foreign investments.
  • Follows MEX GVT June 2020 draft rules on procedures before registry.


  • Aims to permanently offer promoters use of email as additional option for presentation and monitoring of legal procedures in foreign investment related matters.
  • Resolution of which falls within competence of Foreign Investment General Directorate.
  • Rules seek to prevent contingencies or possible failures in the Legal Affairs System.
  • Also to ensure continuity in substantiation of such matters, fulfillment of the said unit functions and the Ministry of the Economy's operation in foreign investment matters.

Affected Provisions

  • Amends articles first and seventh and Annex II; and adds Annex III to the Agreement establishing Legal Affairs System for Foreign Investment, rules for its use of March 2017.


  • The agreement will enter into force upon official publication; ongoing procedures at that date will follow provisions in force on commencement date until their conclusion.