Luxembourg – CB Foreign Direct Investment Survey

Luxembourg – CB Foreign Direct Investment Survey

On 27 February 2024, LUX CB informed of foreign direct investment survey.

  • LUX CB issued documentation for the foreign direct investment (FDI) 2023 survey.

Main Points

  • The FDI survey applies to all resident credit institutions that have direct investment relationships with their investors abroad or their non-resident affiliates or branches.
  • The forms, duly completed and signed must be submitted to LUX CB via post or via email, or by secure electronic transmission channels SOFiE (channel OTX) or E-file.
  • Institutions can use LUX CB guide to complete questionnaire 1 - general information, questionnaire 2 - shareholding, questionnaire 3 - holdings, questionnaire 4 - exemption.


  • Documents must be submitted before 21 June 2024; institutions facing problems with respecting that deadline are requested to contact LUX CB before that date.