Kuwait – CMA Amended Capital Market Bylaws

Kuwait – CMA Amended Capital Market Bylaws

On 22 October 2023, KUW CMA amended capital market executive bylaws.

  • KUW CMA issued Res 144 of 2023 amending executive bylaws of capital markets law.

Highlights of Amendments

  • Amended module 2 regarding schedule of the KUW CMA services fees as per annex 1.
  • Module 11 re dealing with securities was also amended as per annex 2 and 3 attached.
  • Updated the application form for company’s dealing in treasury Shares, issuance or offering of sukuk and bond program, and capital decrease of a Shareholding Company.
  • Also issuance, offering of ordinary shares, capital restructuring of shareholding form.


  • Rule is effective from its issuance date, 22 October, and published in the Official Gazette.