Israel – TASE Guidelines on Short Selling

Israel – TASE Guidelines on Short Selling

On 2 September 2021, ISR TASE proposed changes to guidelines on short selling.

  • ISR TASE issued draft document outlining amendments to guidelines on short sales.

Key Changes

  • Delete the definitions lender member and borrowing member, correct the definitions sale missing, lender and borrower, and add a definition to missing balance.
  • Amend definition of short sale so a customer who borrowed a security from a member and transferred it to another will be considered as a short selling customer.
  • Updates to the wording of instructions relating to the borrowing method.
  • Currently a member must cover a short created as a result of a mistake within 2 trading days; ISR TASE may extend the period by an additional 8 trading days.


  • Comments are invited by 29 September 2021.