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RRS Supports EU Net Short Position Sovereign Issuer Thresholds

The EU issued net short position notification thresholds for sovereign issuers on 1 May, 2017. According to Article 7(2) of the Short Selling Regulation, ESMA has to publish a list of the thresholds applicable to the sovereign issuers for the purpose of the notification to competent authorities of significant net short position in sovereign debt.…
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Hong Kong – SFC Issues New Forms for Electronic Disclosures

On May 5, SFC issued forms for disclosure of interest notifications. Covers new forms for electronic disclosure of interests notifications (DI notices). They are to be filed through new Disclosure of Interests Online System (DION). Notifications and reports to be filed electronically after 3-month transition period. Filers will not be required to submit DI notices…
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Takeovers: Argentina – ACNV Acquisition Limit Offers

On Apr. 27, ACNV issued rules to raise public acquisition offers. Increased the percentage from 15% to 35%, to be considered significant participation. Significant participation determines the mandatory nature of launching a takeover bid. Takeover Bid RG No. 689 establishes obligation to launch partial takeover bid, when stake exceeded. When intend to achieve a stake…
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