France – GVT Foreign Investments

France – GVT Foreign Investments

On 3 December, FR GVT issued law on authorized foreign investments.

  • Decree dated 29 November 2018 on foreign investments subject to prior authorization.


  • Amends art. R. 153 of monetary and financial code, re prior authorization process.
  • Extends process to new economic sectors essential to guarantee French security.
  • New sectors include cybersecurity, AI, robotics, IT systems for police and customs.
  • Space operations, armaments, nuclear, defense, law enforcement, dual-use goods.
  • It also completes the grounds for refusing foreign investment, allows target firms
    to submit an application to determine if the transaction is subject to authorization.


  • In force 1 January 2019, except Art R. 153-7 amends by Art. 6, in force 4 December 2018 in France, 14 December in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna Islands.