France – AMF ICData, Short Selling Data

France – AMF ICData, Short Selling Data

On 1 July 2020, FR AMF reported on data strategy and data on short selling.

  • FR AMF updated its data strategy with the public release of data on short selling.


  • In December 2020, FR AMF created a new department in charge of data and supervision to make greater use of data to better analyze risks and make supervision more effective.
  • ICData program coordinates efforts to meet AMF's data supply and exploitation needs.

Short Selling

  • Entering a new stage in its program by releasing data on short selling to the public.
  • Since 25 May 2022, FR AMF has been publishing a downloadable consolidated file via, updated daily, allowing automated processing of net short position data.
  • The net short position of a participant on a value V corresponds to the short selling position accumulated by this participant less the short buying position accumulated on this same value V. Until now, the regulator published on its website a file consolidated showing the history of net short positions and updated monthly.
  • FR AMF will gradually enrich the scope of data freely downloadable on, for example with up-to-date lists of companies on blacklists; interactive dashboards based on the data available to the regulator are being developed for public availability.