Eurex Euro Position Limit Reporting

Eurex Euro Position Limit Reporting

On 13 August 2020 Eurex defined reporting and position limits for September 2020.

  • Eurex issued fixed income futures, definition of reporting and position limit, September 2020.

Position and Reporting Limits

  • Position limits apply to long positions in front month contracts of concerned products.
  • Reporting limits valid 31 August 2020 after trading close until 3 September 2020 after trading.
  • Position limits valid from 4 September 2020, start of trading, until expiration of September contract on 8 September 2020, long positions in September 2020 contracts must therefore be within the prescribed limits at start of trading on 4 September  2020.

Required Action

  • If position limits exceeded, exchange participants are obliged, according to s 14, para 5 of Eurex exchange rules, to submit a list of long positions in Eurex C7 Clearing GUI.
  • Immediate position adjustments should be made by using the Trade Adjustment function (open/close adjustment) instead of the position close-out.
  • This will help to avoid such transactions being subject to late closing fees.
  • If position limits exceeded, Eurex will request participants to specify a Eurex user ID which can be used by Eurex Deutschland to undo the exceeding of the position limits.


  • Eurex also included table of reporting and position limits for the September 2020 contracts in the Euro Fixed Income Futures, including position limits for each