EFTA – Short Selling Regulation Effective 1 August 2023

EFTA – Short Selling Regulation Effective 1 August 2023

On 16 June 2023, EFTA confirmed that EEA JC decision in force on 1 August 2023.

  • Notification of fulfillment of constitutional requirements of Iceland on 15 June 2023.


On 10 February 2023, EFTA updated on notification of significant positions.

  • EFTA updated on reg 2022/27 amending reg 236/2012 as regards the adjustment of the relevant threshold for short selling.
  • It announced EEA/EFTA countries' draft EEA decision was sent to EU on 9 February 2022.
  • Follows EC January 2022 issued Reg 2022/27 amending reg 236/2012.


  • Reg amended current relevant short selling notification threshold and set it permanently at 0.1 %.
  • Entered into force on 20th day following publication in official journal, 31 January 2022.

February 2022 EEA Memorandum

  • On 18 February 2022, NOR GVT announced EEA memorandum on topic of 17 February 2022.
  • The regulation must be implemented in Norwegian law by incorporation, so provision included in law or regulation that it applies as law or regulation, respectively.
  • Its implementation will not have significant financial consequences for NORFSA.
  • It is under assessment of EEA/EFTA states for incorporation into the EEA agreement.
  • Assessed by special committee for capital movements and financial services where ministries concerned are represented that found the act EEA-relevant and acceptable.