E.U. – ESMA SFTR Reporting Guide and LEI

E.U. – ESMA SFTR Reporting Guide and LEI

On 6 January 2020, ESMA issued report, guide, clarified SFTR reporting rules.


  • Aim to clarify SFTR provisions and provide practical guidance on their implementation.
  • Contributes to cost reduction for whole reporting chain i.e. counterparties reporting data, TRs which put in place procedures to verify completeness/correctness of data, and authorities, defined in art 12(2) SFTR, using data to supervise stability risks.
  • Provide clarity re reporting start date when it falls on non-working day, number of reportable SFTs, population of reporting fields for different types of SFTs, approach used to link SFT collateral with SFT loans, reporting fields for margin data population.
  • Population of reporting fields for reuse, reinvestment, funding sources data, feedback generation by TRs and subsequent management by counterparties.
  • Namely in case of rejection of reported data and reconciliation breaks, but also provision of access to data to authorities by TRs.

Final report

  • Contains detailed assessment of feedback received to proposals in consultation of May 2019 and more detailed discussion on market transactions not in scope.

LEI statement

  • Clarifies the expectations re reporting of LEI for issuers of securities used in SFTs and relevant supervisory actions to be carried out by authorities.

SFTR validation rules

  • Amended SFTR validation rules fully aligned with updated XML schemas published in December 2019 but also with LEI statement.