Denmark – CRG Foreign Investment Screening

Denmark – CRG Foreign Investment Screening

On 1July 2021, DEN CRG issued guidance on investment screening rules.

  • DEN CRG announced new rules on investment screening entered into force on 1 July 2021.
  • For screening of foreign direct investments and special economic agreements in DEN.
  • Foreign investors must therefore in some cases apply for permit for/notify investments and agreements with Danish companies/entities planned to be completed after 1 September 2021.


  • The new rules consist of the investment screening act and three executive orders.
  • Scheme designed as combination of statutory permit requirement for sensitive sectors (defense, dual-use, IT security, critical infrastructure and critical technology).
  • Plus voluntary notification option for other sectors; it is foreign investor's duty to apply for permission for foreign direct investment or enter into special financial agreement.
  • It is also foreign investor who can take advantage of the voluntary notification option.
  • Foreign investors covered by screening scheme differ depending on whether it is an investment or agreement and sector to which the investment or agreement relates.
  • Greenfield investments also covered by the law; DEN CRG has opportunity to intervene against investments, agreements that pose threat to national security or public order.

Other Aspects

  • Guidance material on investment screening act, rules pursuant to it prepared; also re delimitation of investments, special financial agreements and greenfield investments.
  • Contains information on procedures for prescreening, application and notification, etc.
  • Foreign investors may apply for permission for investments, agreements planned to be completed after 1 September 2021; voluntarily notify those carried out after 1 September 2021.
  • Application/notification made by filling and submitting relevant forms to DEN CRG.


  • New rules in force as of 1 July 2021.