Canada – IIROC Short Selling Reports Effective Today

Canada – IIROC Short Selling Reports Effective Today

On 26 October 2018, IIROC issued consolidated short position reports (CSPR).

  • CSPR provide aggregate short position of all listed, quoted securities as of 15th,
    last day of each month on IIROC-submitted data by members, access persons.
  • Follows IIROC Mar. 2018 notice on short position calculation, reporting.

Content of Report

  • To include security name, symbol, listing exchange, aggregate share numbers.
  • Net change in share numbers short measured against prior report of securities.
  • Table format, fields for security name, symbol, exchange code, #, net change.
  • Reports downloadable in Excel for import into database program, spreadsheet.

Timing / Location

  • IIROC will post each CSPR on website on 4th business day following publication.


  • First report as of 30 November, 2018, will not contain net change, subsequently will.