Brazil – GVT Foreign Investments

Brazil – GVT Foreign Investments

On 31 August 2020, BRZ GVT issued rules for foreign investments.

  • BRZ GVT published BRA CB res 4.852 of 27 August 2020 on foreign investments.
  • Follows BRZ GVT January 2020 issued rules on home, foreign investment.


  • Amended arts 2, 4 of reg in annex I to res 4.373 of 29 September 2014 on investments by non-resident investors in Brazil in financial and capital markets and other measures.
  • Art 2.3 now states that BRZ CVM will regulate the registration in item II and may even exempt the non-resident individual investors from that obligation.
  • Art 2.4 says non-resident individual investor is exempt from obligation of item III.
  • Art 4-A says financial assets and securities traded, as well as other types of financial operations carried out by non-resident individual investor, resulting from applications.
  • Referred to in this regulation must observe the same provisions and procedures applicable to the provision of custody services for individual resident investors.


  • Resolution enters into force on 1 October 2020.