Bangladesh – SEC Shareholding Requirement

Bangladesh – SEC Shareholding Requirement

On 10 December 2020, BNG SEC issued directive on compliance of shareholding.

  • BNG SEC issued directive regarding compliance of 30% shareholding requirement.


  • If the sponsors/directors of any listed company fail to jointly hold minimum 30% shares of paid-up capital of a company all the time, SEC will impose certain actions.
  • The company's board shall appoint two additional independent directors subject to SEC approval, such provision of appointment shall continue until 30% requirement is met.
  • A committee comprising independent directors including the two additionally appointed independent directors, shall be formed to oversee the progress of the compliance.
  • The additionally appointed independent directors shall submit quarterly reports within 10 days of quarter end to SEC on progress of compliance towards the requirement.
  • Such company shall conduct its general meeting using hybrid system (physical and digital) ensuring shareholder rights, within 45 working days from this directive's issue.


  • This directive shall have immediate effect.