Australia – ASIC Action re Failing to Disclose

Australia – ASIC Action re Failing to Disclose

On 26 May 2023, AST ASIC said former Copper Strike Ltd director charged.

  • AST ASIC said former listed company director of Copper Strike Ltd was charged in AST Court with failing to disclose interests as well as providing false information to ASX.


  • AST ASIC said that failure by a director to disclose all of their interests, or providing misleading disclosures re their interests, in a way that is contrary to ASX reporting requirements, can give rise to a number of offenses under the Corporations act.
  • Providing false information to ASX is an offense; providing false/misleading data in annual financial statements is offense; providing false information can be an offense.
  • Explained that at the time of the alleged conduct, a breach of relevant provisions attracted a maximum penalty of 200 penalty units or jail for five years, or both.


  • Mr Harry Hatch (Hatgikyriazis) appeared in AST Court charged with multiple offenses relating to his time as director of the listed company, charged with the following.
  • Three counts of failing to take reasonable steps to comply with disclosing his interests in shares of a publicly listed firm; two counts of making available or giving false data.
  • He had made available or gave false information in a document lodged with ASX.
  • One count of making a false/misleading statement in form submitted to Copper Strike.
  • AST ASIC alleges that in the period 17 July 2016 to January 2020, he failed to disclose his relevant interests in Copper Strike shares as required under the Corporations act.


  • The matter was adjourned for a committal mention on 18 August 2023 at AST Court.