Argentina – CNV TAD, GDE Electronic System

Argentina – CNV TAD, GDE Electronic System

On 1 September 2023, ARG CNV issued resolution on required procedures via GDE

  • ARG CNV issued Resolution 974 regarding the filings that require use of remote procedures (TAD) through the Electronic Document Management System (GDE).


  • Decree 1.063 of 2016 approved implementation of Remote Procedures Platform (TAD) via Remote Procedures module of Electronic Document Management System (GDE).
  • Allowed companies to interact with the agencies, through filing by electronic means of presentations, requests, writings, notifications and communications, among others.

Mandatory Use of GDE

  • The procedures listed in Resolution 974 must be field with ARG CNV via TAD in GDE.
  • Including application as a guarantee entity; request for acquisition offers.
  • For example, takeover bid for controlling interest (OPA), OPA withdrawal, unilateral declaration of willingness to acquire (DUVA); and other takeover bids.
  • Processing of Argentine deposit certificates (CEDEAR) and/or CEVA actions.
  • The updating of the prospectus in connection with negotiable obligations, others.


  • Resolution will enter into force 11 September 2023.