U.K. – CMA Foreign Direct Investments

U.K. – CMA Foreign Direct Investments

On 7 September 2020, UK CMA proposed guidance on its powers and procedures.

  • UK CMA issued consultation on proposed guidance setting out powers and procedures used in cooperation mechanisms under EU foreign direct investments (FDI) regulation.

FDI Regulation

  • Creates a cooperation mechanism within the EU for exchange of information on an FDI.
  • In relation to an FDI likely to affect security or public order, of the EU member States.
  • Share data on FDI planned/completed in UK, with EU member States and/or EU CMSN.
  • Temporary modifications have also been made to the Enterprise Act 2002 (the EA02), which will allow UK CMA to use its powers under the EA02 for purpose of sharing data.
  • Temporary requirements will fall away at end of transition period, from 31 December 2020.

Proposed Guidance

  • UK CMA seeks views on draft guidance in respect of its powers to gather/share data in response to requests that may be received, between 11 October 2020 - end of transition.
  • Requests may come from EU member States and/or EU CMSN under FDI reg, art 7(5).
  • Also seeks views on guidance regarding UK CMA powers to enforce information notices issued under section 109 of EA02.
  • Following consultation, final guidance once adopted will remain in force until the end of the transition period, after which time, the majority of the guidance will fall away.
  • Post-transition, UK CMA will no longer gather and/or share information under FDI reg.


  • Responses to the consultation are requested by 18 September 2020