U.S. SEC Filings


The Regulatory Reporting System was originally built to handle the SEC disclosure requirements under Rule 13D and 13F for one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. From its inception, RRS focused on the complexities associated with Shareholding Disclosure obligations in the U.S. - aggregating positions across the legal entity hierarchy, understanding and handling investment strategies and generating and populating the necessary filing forms. Today, RRS provides a seamless end-to-end workflow that manages and tracks U.S. disclosure obligations right to the point of submission to the EDGAR website. RRS generates submission-ready disclosure documents (Schedule 13D, Schedule 13G and Form 13F) as well as the required XML submission documents needed to support one-click submission through the EDGAR website. Thousands of SEC Shareholding Disclosure filings get generated and submitted directly to the EDGAR website by RRS clients every year, and we haven’t missed one yet.

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RRS is the best way to ensure that you manage your U.S. SEC
Shareholding Disclosure obligations  accurately and timely.