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Russia – CB Ownership In Financial Firms

On 29 May 2020, RUS CB issued notice on ownership of financial firms. RUS CB will provide simpler language about the ownership structure of financial firms. The aim is to help consumers, investors and public to understand the firms' ownership. Key Points The simpler disclosures apply to insurers, management companies, microfinance firms. RUS CB will…
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China – SZSE Industry Disclosure Guidelines

On 27 October 2019, SZSE revised industry information disclosure guidelines. SZSE revised and issued 18 industry information disclosure guidelines as part of implementing the "disclosure-oriented" regulatory concept in the capital market. In formulating guidelines, SZSE consulted and received feedback from hundreds of companies, held forums and face-to-face discussions to gather market consensus. Also assessed the…
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China – GVT Lifts Foreign Bank Holdings

On 16 October 2019, CHI GVT issued policies to reduce burden on businesses. Introduced policies to reduce fees and taxes locally, and open up to the outside world. Fee Reduction In earlier 8 months, fees and tax reduction has helped reduce burden on businesses. Planning to strengthen fiscal budget management among local government bodies, and…
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