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U.S. – SEC Adopts Changes to Major Shareholding Reporting

On 10 October 2023, the SEC issued confirmation that it is adopting amendments to the rules governing major shareholding reporting that had been proposed. The key changes from these amendments are: (a) reduction in the deadlines for disclosures of 13D and 13G Reports; (b) disclosure of cash settled securities; (c) clarification on the criteria for…
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U.S. – SEC Re-Opens Comment Period on Proposed Changes to 13D/G Filing

On 28 April 28, 2023, SEC reopened comment period to allow persons opportunity to comment on additional analysis, data contained in new staff memorandum published. Memo provided additional background, baseline data on Schedule 13D and 13G filings. Investigated effects on activism from proposed change to Schedule 13D filing deadline. Additional analysis of harms to certain…
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U.S. – SEC’s IAC Mtg Discusses Shareholding Disclosure Reporting

On 21 September 2022, the SEC's Investment Advisory Committee had a public meeting to discuss shareholding disclosure reporting. Background: Proposed Rule 10B-1 Committee received comments on the proposed changes to 10B-1 Position Reporting of Large Security-Based Swap Positions / Asset-Based Swaps Discussion pertained to the modernizing of the reporting and regulation of the swaps markets.…
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