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Although the regulatory environment continues to be active in the area of shareholding disclosures, industry developments and vendor coverage is much slower. We've created this page to offer you information that we believe to be valuable to the compliance professionals that are ultimately responsible for reducing the firm’s exposure in the area of shareholding disclosures.

Recent Enforcements Related to Shareholding Disclosures

27 Apr 2017: HK SFC Fines Retail Investor for Illegal Short Selling

20 Oct 2016: HK SFC Fines Two JP Morgan Entities HK$5.6M for Regulatory Breaches

14 Sept 2016: HK SFC Fines HSBC $2.5M for Position Limit Failures

6 July 2016: CFTC Issues Large Position Report Fine of $560,000

29 June 2016: Hong Kong SFC Censures Two Units of Bank of America Merrill Lynch for Breaches of Takeovers Code

15 June 2016: Hong Kong SFC Reprimands and Fines Schroder Investment Management (HK) Limited $1.8M for Disclosure Failures

06 June 2016: Finland FSA Imposes Fine for Delayed Short Position Disclosure

23 March 2016: CFTC Large Trade Report Violations

22 March 2016: CFTC Position Limit Fine

02 February 2016: Takeovers: Hong Kong SFC Publicly Censures GS for Breaches of Takeovers Code

14 October 2015: SEC Fines Six Firms For Short Selling Violations

13 May 2015: FINRA Issues $2M Fine for Short Reporting Violations

20 Mar 2015: BaFin Imposes Substantial Shareholding Disclosure Fine of EUR 3.25m

18 Dec 2014: ASIC Fines Asset Management Firm for Breach of Takeover Laws

08 Oct 2014: SFC Urges Market Participants to Comply with Short Selling Reporting

10 Sept 2014: SEC Charges Corporate Insiders for Violating Laws Requiring Prompt Reporting of Transactions and Holdings

05 June 2014: SESC Issues Fine for Shareholder Disclosure Violation

FCA Transaction and Shareholding Disclosure Reporting Enforcements


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