Monthly Archives: April 2020

France – Proposal to Change Shareholding Disclosure Threshold

On 28 April 2020, FR AMF issued proposed shareholder activism rules. The AMF has suggested several targeted measures regarding shareholder activism. Proposals Enhance transparency on stake-building by lowering the first legal notification threshold for substantial shareholding and making public any statutory threshold crossing reported to the company; Supplementing the reporting on net short positions by…
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Japan – GVT Foreign Direct Investment

On 24 April 2020, JPN GVT published feedback associated with the public consultation. It also published updated presentation on the matter in Japanese and English. Amended definition closely-related persons, so that a person who was a foreign investor's board member in the past year is excluded from the definition, if the nomination of the person…
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U.A.E. – DFSA SMEs Listing Disclosure

On 22 April 2020, UAE DFSA issued market brief for SMEs on new DFSA listing regime. Market brief is not intended to be guidance as contemplated by Regulatory Law 2004. Discussed audited accounts covering minimum period of one year instead of 3 years. 12-month lock-in period on pre-listing shareholders of SME; website disclosures with information…
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