Spain – CNMV MiFID Trade Reports

On 12 September, CNMV issued guide to transaction reporting under MiFIR.

  • Covers updates to CNMV operational guide for transaction reporting under MiFIR.
  • The revised version includes technical specifications for XML file headers, response.
  • And supplements 8 August, ESMA’s updated guidelines to correct typos.
  • Guide mainly aimed at IT units and regulatory compliance on transaction reporting.
  • Aims to facilitate the understanding of transaction reporting system used by CNMV.
  • It includes description of the different communication channels provided by CNMV.
  • And reporting transaction data files, file flow with the entity with obligation to notify.
  • As well as naming convention defined by CNMV for every file exchanged and errors.

Spain – CNMV Extends Short Sale Ban

On 12 September 2017, CNMV extended the restriction on short position in Liberbank, SA.

  • Agreement extended restriction on short positions by two months, to Nov. 30, 2017.
  • On 12 September 2017, ESMA extended short selling ban per Spanish CNMV, for Liberbank.
  • On 13 Septemebr 2017, FCA extended short selling ban per Spanish CNMV, for Liberbank.
  • Measure will enter into force on 12 September and be applicable until 30 November 2017.