Germany – BaFin Holding Notification Form

On 1 June, BaFin issued form for notification of holding acquisition.

  • German Banking Act (KWG) section 2c(1) requires BaFin, Bundesbank be notified
    of acquisition of significant/qualified interest in a securities trading company/bank.
  • Information should be provided, in accordance with MiFID II delegated regulation.
  • Voluntary form to assist with providing relevant information are on BaFin website.

U.S. – MIAX SPY Position Limit Increase

On 31 May, MIAX replaced SPY pilot program with position limits.

  • Amended Rule 307/309, Interpretations, Policies .01 to allow SPY Pilot Program
    terminate, establish position, exercise limits of 1,800,000 contracts on SPY options.
  • Operative on 12 July 2018, so no lapse in time between pilot termination, new limits.