EC Brexit No-Deal Readiness

EC Brexit No-Deal Readiness

On 4 September 2019, EC issued status of Brexit no-deal preparedness.

  • EU CMSN issued 6th Brexit preparedness communication and call to stakeholders.
  • Follows EU CMSC December 2018 implemented no-deal contingency action plans.


  • Call to stakeholders in EU27 to prepare for no-deal scenario as per events in the UK.
  • UK overall domestic political situation makes such scenario on 1 November 2019 possible.
  • Detailed checklist to help businesses that trade with UK to make final preparations.
  • Also full array of resources to help citizens/business published along main document.

Contingency Measures and Proposals

  • EU CMSN proposed to EP, EU CNCL to make targeted technical adjustments to duration of EU no-deal contingency measures re transport, also to mirror for 2020 the said 2019 arrangements for fisheries and for UK potential participation in EU 2020 budget.
  • Measures re European Solidarity Fund and European Globalization Adjustment Fund to be available to support businesses, workers, MS most affected by no-deal scenario.
  • Proposals need to be agreed by EP and EU CNCL, those are: basic road freight, road passenger connectivity Reg 2019/501, basic air connectivity Reg 2019/502, fishing authorizations contingency Reg 2019/498 and contingency budget Reg 2019/1197.
  • Duration extension for transport laws: road to 31 July 2020 and air to 24 October 2020.

Other Aspects

  • EU CMSN to continue to work with Ireland in ways to tackle potential hard border.
  • To identify alternative arrangements but backstop remains current only viable solution.
  • In no-deal scenario, UK to become 3rd country without any transitional arrangements.
  • Since December 2017 EU CMSN tabled 19 legislative proposals, all now adopted, issued 63 non-legislative acts, published 100 preparedness notices, no further measure planned.

Reiterates 3 April 2019 EU CMSN Message

  • Should no-deal scenario occur UK is expected to address 3 main separation issues as precondition for EU to consider embarking on discussions about the future relationship.
  • I.e. citizens rights, UK financial obligations as MS, preserve Good Friday Agreement.