U.S. – Bbg SEF Trading Position Limits

U.S. – Bbg SEF Trading Position Limits

On 26 July 2019, Bbg SEF revised rules on trades and position limits.

  • Notified CFTC that made amendments to rulebook, no substantive opposing views.

Proposed Rulebook Changes

  • Revised definition of trade to remove made and add executed; revised definition of trading account, add as applicable to clarify that monitor all open participant positions.
  • Revised position limits to clarify that trade is executed, not done; revised summary imposition of fines, replace violation with summary fine to clarify corresponding chart.
  • Correction to reflect the updated number of credit default swaps in the index.
  • Revised to add that Japan Securities Clearing Corporation as a clearing house.


  • Amended rulebook effective on 12 August 2019.