Mitch Greess

Mr. Greess is a co-founder of Solutions Atlantic and current CEO. His in-depth experience in the financial services industry, coupled with unique IT skills and expertise provided the technology foundation for the start of Solutions Atlantic and for the long term success of the Regulatory Reporting System.

With extensive experience developing leading edge software in highly technical industries, while utilizing a broad range of sophisticated technologies, he has provided senior technical leadership for other members of the Solutions Atlantic programming staff.

His vision and talent have been instrumental in the company’s ability to win and successfully complete engagements with leading companies in the financial services industry, including Fidelity Investments, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank, and others.

In addition to his technical expertise, Mitch has an extensive and proven knowledge of the regulatory obligations as they relate to large positions, short positions and takeover disclosures. His ability to discuss and explain the regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions with compliance and legal professionals has earned him respect from some of the most knowledgeable law firms recognized in the large position disclosure space.

Prior to co-founding Solutions Atlantic, as a Consultant with MAGNet Technologies, he provided consulting services to major international defense contractors in the Distributed Interactive Simulation industry. His clients included BDM International, Inc., Atlas Electronik, Gmbh, and Lockheed Martin. His contributions included designing the software architecture, implementing, and integrating computer based training systems and computer generated forces systems, training company engineers, writing and reviewing proposals, assisting with acceptance testing and validation, performance testing and defect repair.

Previously, Mr. Greess also held senior positions at The Open Group / X Consortium, Inc., Loral ADS, Inc. and Bolt, Beranak, and Newman.

Mr. Greess earned his B.A. in Economic from the University of Virginia. He holds a Master of Sciences degree in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Kevin Samborn

Mr. Samborn is a co-founder of Solutions Atlantic and although not active in the day to day operations, he advises in areas of business development and market intelligence. His extensive experience both in the financial services industry and with world-class software companies provided the foundation upon which the company was established. He has served both as CTO and as the driving force in all business development activities. His vision and talent have been instrumental in the company’s ability to win and successfully complete engagements with leading companies in the financial services industry, including Fidelity Investments, Bank of Boston, Credit Suisse, Toronto-Dominion Bank and NumeriX.

Prior to founding Solutions Atlantic, Mr. Samborn designed and developed software for investment managers, including systems for trading, risk management and derivative products, at several firms, including Sakura Global Capital, Chase Manhattan Bank, Bank of Tokyo and Goldman, Sachs & Co., among others. He also served as a software architect for the Common Desktop Environment and the X Window System while working at The X Consortium and The Open Group.

Mr. Samborn earned his B.S. in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Albany.

Anna Monteiro

Head of Business and Product Development; With more than 20 years’ of experience in the financial services industry, Anna Monteiro has helped leading financial services companies to identify and execute market opportunities successfully. As Head of Business and Product Development, Anna identifies opportunities in the market and develops the necessary business and product strategies to accelerate revenue and market share. Prior to joining Solutions Atlantic, Anna held the position of Sr. Director Global regulatory Products and Editorial Operations at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, Inc. (WKFS) where she was responsible for the development and market launch for global regulatory products. Over the course of nearly nine years with the company, she identified new product opportunities, and market segments which contributed to the global growth and success of the business. Most notably in 2008, Anna was instrumental in identifying and acquiring a UK based company to start WKFS’s global expansion. Prior to WKFS, she led customer product strategies for Citigroup’s asset management and private banking groups and had 13 years with Reuters (now Thomson Reuters) where she was responsible for the global launch of online transactions products. Anna has provided expert commentary to industry publications, including Securities Industry News and Dow Jones Newswires. She has an MBA from Long Island University-C.W.Post.