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EC Foreign Direct Investment

On 13 March 2019, EC reported on more foreign ownership of EU firms. Foreign direct investment report gave detailed overview of FDI situation in the EU.Followed Mar. 5, 2019, EU CNCL approved framework on screening.Key PointsShow continuous rise of foreign ownership of european companies in key sectors.Traditional investors. e.g. US, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, and Australia…
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India – SEBI FPI Investments in Debt

On 12 March 2019, SEBI said due to RBI circular, # it's withdrawn provision w.r.t. exposure of over 20% of FPI's corporate bond portfolio to a single corporate. Effective immediately to encourage a wider spectrum of investors to debt market.Shall comply with timelines in RBI circular, no separate circulars issued by SEBI.All the intermediaries may…
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