On 16 April, BML introduced intraday short selling for investors.

  • Implemented Intraday Short Selling (IDSS) for all investors to boost market liquidity.


  • Exchange has implemented a clear framework, to facilitate IDSS trades for investors.
  • Under framework, investors will be able to sell securities first, and buy the securities
    later within trading day itself. IDSS can be done on selected list of eligible securities.
  • List of approved securities, currently with 280 securities, be reviewed every 6 months.
  • Exchange will continue to undertake initiatives to give more efficient and facilitative
    market framework and the introduction of IDSS is set to further advance the efforts.
  • Robust compliance requirement and safeguards, have also been put in place to allow
    for IDSS trades, including controls for IDSS suspensions if stock price falls over 15%.
  • Framework also specifies compliance obligation requirements for investors before IDSS.
  • To allow investors to carry out IDSS, Exchange has amended Rules of Bursa Securities,
    Directives and Participating Organisations’ Trading Manual, approved by Commission.