U.S. – NASDAQ Options Position Limits

On 5 June, NASDAQ, PHLX, BX rules on SPY ETF position limits.

  • Pilot program no position limits on SPY securities scheduled to expire Jul. 12, 2018.

New Limits

  • In lieu of extending SPY Pilot Program for another year, proposed position, exercise
    limits of 1,800,000 contracts, options on SPY, becoming operative on 12 July 2018.
  • Permanent position and exercise limits established, no need to report on pilot now.


  • Pending SEC filing, plan to be effective 30 days from filing, no other major change.

Saudi Arabia – CMA on Foreign Investment

On 4 June, SA CMA adopted FAQ on investment by foreign firms.

  • Rules on investment of qualified foreign financial institution in listed securities.
  • Document aims to answer questions, which may be raised by foreign investors,
    licensed persons and interested parties, regarding rules governing investments.