RRS Ready to Meet the Challenge of Complying with Amended Transparency Directive Mandates

First introduced in November 2013, the Amended Transparency Directive (TDA) provided EU member countries two years to conform their regulations to those adopted by the EU Commission. With the deadline having come and gone, the TDA is in a confused state with only a handful of countries meeting the 26 November effective date and the remaining in various states of delay. Some countries have yet to put forward draft legislation.

You might think that the large economy countries are the ones that have complied and met the deadline but you would be mistaken. Several countries of considerable size and market stability have missed the deadline. Countries such as: Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden to name just a few have missed the deadline and may not comply until well into 2016. The whys and wherefores are as various as the 28 member states, but the effect is a nightmare for Compliance. Read more

RRS Users Excited for New Release

Solutions Atlantic’s customers came together for its annual user conference to discuss reporting obligations under the awaited Amended Transparency Directive (TDA) and to get a glimpse of the much anticipated Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) user interface enhancements.

Solutions Atlantic invited Claire Farley, Head of Regulatory Products for aosphere LLP to speak to the many changes coming as a result of the amended Transparency Directive. Claire’s overview and roadmap for country compliance under the Directive sparked many questions and continues to do so as countries slowly meet the new requirements under the specific deadline. Read more