RRS Expands Jurisdictions for Shareholding Disclosure

In keeping with the growing needs of its customers, Solutions Atlantic announced today that it has expanded the jurisdictions in its shareholding disclosure solution, the Regulatory Reporting System (‘RRS’), to include Ecuador, Lebanon and Panama.

The addition of these countries to the RRS Rules Library comes on the heels of the jurisdiction expansion announced by Derivative Services in Rulefinder. The expert team at Solutions Atlantic, licenses the regulatory intelligence found in Rulefinder to drive the shareholding disclosure rules they design in the RRS Rules Library. The Regulatory Reporting System is now approaching coverage for 90 jurisdictions. Read more

Solutions Atlantic Secures Client Through RFP

Once again, at the forefront of shareholding disclosure automation, Solutions Atlantic announced today that it has been selected as the vendor of choice for a large investment management firm in Boston.

After a lengthy RFP process, which included many of Solutions Atlantic’s competitors, the client chose the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) for its shareholding disclosure solution. RRS continues to be the market leading solution to manage global shareholding disclosure obligations for financial services organizations both large and small. Read more

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

This question is fundamental in so many areas of life and business. When faced with the decision to change direction in favor of something new or continue with what has provided support for years, we are asking ourselves that fundamental question. The simple answer is – yes, we can teach an old dog a new trick. The question that remains is, at what cost?

More often than not and particularly with technology, we tend to opt to extend the life of an existing system or platform in favor of upgrading to something new. Before you know it, it has been several years of maintaining and extending a system that outlived its true usefulness years earlier. It’s not until forces, usually outside of our control, that demand we take action. Read more

Heard it Through the Grapevine

Solutions Atlantic has created a user forum for customers of its Regulatory Reporting System (‘RRS’). Its first meeting, held in Boston on the 6th of November was well attended with only one customer unable to participate. The meeting was unequivocally a success and is an important building block for future user meetings.

For many years, Solutions Atlantic has informally engaged with customers about product enhancements and market developments but decided recently to bring these one on one conversations together in a user forum. Although the customer base is diverse in both the organizational size and how each one chooses to use the system (do-it-yourself approach or fully supported through Solutions Atlantic) users found common ground on areas for product expansion and enhancement. View Full Press Release

POC Gives Way to Major Win for Solutions Atlantic

Leading the way for shareholding disclosure automation, Solutions Atlantic announced another major client win today. After an in-depth product analysis that included a proof of concept, the investment management business of a global insurance firm selected the Regulatory Reporting System (‘RRS’) to manage the shareholding disclosure obligations for itself and its parent company.

“Our needs are very specific; global coverage, system flexibility to adapt to our corporate reporting structure, ability for self-management and control over rule introduction and customization, and having a vendor that understands our business and our evolving needs,” said the vice president of Compliance. ‘We found that, and more in the RRS product and the Solutions Atlantic team.” View Full Press Release

Solutions Atlantic Wins Major Client – RRS Selected

Solutions Atlantic, the market leader for global shareholding disclosure automation, today announced that a large investment management firm based in the U.S. with over $750B AUM, has selected the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) to provide disclosure workflow management, monitoring and reporting.

After an extensive vendor review, the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) was chosen by the client because of the significant time savings and the broader monitoring capabilities RRS brings to their shareholding disclosure process. In addition to the rich functionality that will enable the client to increase efficiencies in their workflow, the regulatory knowledge of the Solutions Atlantic team was cited as being exceptional and responsive. View Full Press Release

The Regulatory Reporting System (“RRS”) Supports over $2 Trillion in Assets Under Management

Adding a leading US based investment manager with global offices to its list of customers, Solutions Atlantic today announced, that the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) now provides shareholding disclosure automation for more than $2 Trillion in assets managed or owned by its customers, marking its place as the market leading solution. View Full Press Release